Does anybody else find themselves sanitizing the URLs from websites to remove extraneous data when they link them to others?

Take, for example, Amazon's URLs. Clicking the 'Glittering Gifts' link on their homepage gives you this amazing URL:

This URL puts me off from linking to because it means I'm going to have to sanitize the URL because I don't know if it contains any personally identify information.

In the above example, the URL can be truncated to just

Which is much more reasonable, and I would be much happier to link.

Google Maps is a similar, and though their URLs tend to have a higher signal:noise (at least from my perspective as an end-user), the data also tends to be more sensitive (I may not necessarily want the people I'm linking the map to to know anything about me). Thus, I'm forced to sanitize the URL religiously.

In the case of directions from Sydney Harbour Bridge to Sydney Opera House, I can shorten the URL from,151.043987&sspn=0.176608,0.37405&geocode=FXZr-_0dD0YDCSE-xMAXt46UaCnj1eolXa4SazE-xMAXt46UaA%3BFR1f-_0dhFsDCSFRwhpa1_gzMSndL4leZq4SazFRwhpa1_gzMQ&mra=ls&t=m&z=16


While I can appreciate that the data passed by Google and Amazon may be useful to them, it hinders my usage of their services and gives me unnecessary concerns about my privacy.

Shorter URLs give me less reason for concern, as the likelihood of me distributing data about myself through the URLs diminishes.

I can only hope that one day these obscene, bloated URLs become a thing of the past and I no longer have to worry about this all.