Hi, I'm Tobias

I'm a software developer and software engineering student from South Australia, currently undertaking my third year of study for a Bachelors of Software Engineering.

My skill-set is oriented mostly around web development, particularly using PHP. I started using PHP almost six years ago for personal projects, and have been improving my application of it over time through work, an endless number of personal projects (I wrote this blog in PHP), and no small amount of reading.

I'm employed at thirty4 interactive and develop web services on a weekly basis.

Outside of web development, I've invested time over the last few years to gain a skill-set including basic embedded development (using Arduino, in particular), basic Android development and basic (Windows) desktop application development.

I started this blog because I was tired of being a consumer of community content, and decided to become a contributor.

Outside of software, some of my interests include (in no specific order)

  • Electronics
    • Augmented reality
    • Robotics
    • Home Automation
    • 3D printing
  • Space
    • SpaceX*
    • Kerbal Space Program
  • Hiding Easter-eggs on my blog that are only visible when you input the Konami code

* May have appended this vaguely hopeful that SpaceX will consider hiring me one day

If you wish to contact me, email tobias@wooldridge.id.au or add the same address on Google Talk or XMPP.